The End of an Era


ATW Products no long sold through ADI Global Distribution (Honeywell Security)

Effective June 6/15/15.

Life is all about change…right?  Big change coming to life for ATW Security and parent company Mascon, Inc. 

No doubt our faithful ATW Security Customers have been finding it a bit of a challenge locating, their “go to products”  of speakers, sirens and horns on the shelves of all the local ADI branches.  Reason being – ADI has taken us off their shelves – replaced us with their house brand W-Box and made us available as special order only.  After a 20 year relationship…pretty sad huh?

But when one door closes – another opens and that door is 

All the products you have come to know, love and rely on are just a click away.   Whatever you need and whatever volume – we are ready, willing and able to take good care of you.

Don’t settle …ATW products just a click away….

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  • Michelle Perrin